Dee Dee Goldpaugh



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During this time of uncertainty and fear for so many, I offer my clients the opportunity to be truly heard and validated in a compassionate, affirming, sex-positive environment. Using tools from a range of modalities, individuals, couples, and polycules can make concrete progress toward managing anxiety, depression, and addressing sex and relationship issues. Clients of all identities and backgrounds are welcome in my practice, but I specialize in working with the queer, trans/GNC, and polyamorous communities, as well as survivors of sexual and relationship trauma and abuse.


I also specialize in Psychedelic Integration Therapy, a form of therapy that offers support in identifying the lessons and themes of experiences with entheogens, meditation, breathwork, and other altered states of consciousness and applying them to your life for lasting change. 

I draw from an eclectic treatment model tailored to the client including Psychodynamic Psychotherapy, Trauma-Informed Therapy (EMDR trained), Mindfulness-Based Therapy, Sex Therapy, and Transpersonal Therapy. I strive to create a safe environment for clients seeking deeper meaning and satisfaction in their lives and relationships through accessing their inherent wisdom and strengths. My treatment approach is non-hierarchical and collaborative and I aspire to practice and integrate the principles of social justice, anti-racism, and body and sex-positivity in my practice. 

Please feel free to reach out by email at . I can also be reached at 646-926-2574.

Our team includes Psychiatric Nurse Practitioners, Psychologists, Psychotherapists, Mental Health and Substance Abuse Specialists and Holistic Practitioners. We proudly serve the communities of Ulster County, The Hudson Valley and the entire Catskill region.

15 Pine Grove St
Woodstock NY 12498