Elizabeth Anable



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Elizabeth Anable
Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy
845 594-7511

Elizabeth Anable, PhD, LMHC


Somatic Experiencing Practitioner


I’m a somatic psychotherapist, committed to supporting my clients to move beyond old patterns, experience more connection with themselves and others, and live their lives with more joy and ease. My work is relational and body-based. I am genuine, non-judgmental, and also challenging. I believe that we each possess an inner knowing that moves us toward healing and wholeness, and that with attuned reflection we can come to trust and follow our inner guidance.

My sessions are informed by 12 years of training in Somatic Experiencing, my doctoral studies in psychodynamic theory, training in expanded states of consciousness and my deep love for nature and wild spaces. I work with clients wanting to address and heal from trauma, stress, and loss.

I specialize in Psychedelic Integration Psychotherapy and currently offer integration sessions and Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy through the Woodstock Therapy Center. Expanded states of consciousness, accessed through experiences with psychedelics, breathwork, or meditation, allow us to step out of rigid and habitual ways of identifying, creating an opportunity for significant healing. In a Psychedelic Integration Psychotherapy session, you will receive support to process insights and integrate experiences with expanded states of consciousness to support lasting change.

With 6 years of experience supervising therapists and social workers in agency settings, I currently supervise therapists working toward their independent licensure in a private practice setting. I also teach courses on neuroscience, trauma, and practice evaluation for Columbia University School for Social Work’s MSW program.

If you are interested in scheduling a consultation with me, send me an email at eanable@gmail.com or call my office at 845 594-7511. I look forward to hearing from you.

Liz also facilitates retreats and group work. For information on an upcoming women's retreat read more here.

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