Elizabeth Rogers



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Elizabeth Rogers
Child Psychotherapy

Therapy provides a confidential and non-judgmental space to explore one’s current life situations and ongoing patterns such as how we relate to ourselves and others. Therapy is a source of support when life events overwhelm us or conditions such as anxiety or depression affect our well being. We may discover in therapy that beliefs or ways of behaving no longer serve us and new ideas and ways of being can be discovered and learned that bring greater ease and enjoyment to our lives

Along with traditional psychotherapy I support those engaged in 12 Step programs, addiction recovery, recovery from addictive relationships, codependency and issues resulting from childhood experience and trans-generational trauma. I offer mindfulness practice to help calm anxiety and enter more deeply into a client’s sense of self. I support creatives and facilitate expressive arts in session.

I invite you to email or call to arrange a complimentary 15 min video or phone call to share about your particular needs and to get a sense of how I would approach therapy with you as a client. I support you in selecting a therapist that is the best fit for you as the therapeutic relationship is one of the most important elements of therapy.

I can be reached at 423-503-5910



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