Gertie Schoen


MA, PsyA

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Gertie Schoen
MA, PsyA
Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy
917 607 4525

Gerti Schoen - MA, PsyA, Psychotherapy, Eco-Therapy, Groups

My healing work is informed by the belief that our relentlessly fast and exploitative culture is at the root of so many mental health issues, especially the pervasive belief of not being or having "enough", which leads to low self esteem, problems with motivation, and fractured relationships. We must examine if the life we lead is working for us.

In order to heal ourselves, and our planet from the burdens of our current system it is crucial to slow down, and come into peace and quiet that enables deep reflection and healing. The Sacred Feminine, as well as the Sacred Masculine, have a big part to play in that.

The ultimate healing, which heals our loneliness and disconnect, can only be provided in unison with nature and community. I integrate elements from forest therapy, eco-feminist spirituality and ancient spiritual traditions into the work.

Ever since I became a therapist, I have worked with the calming medicine of meditation which ultimately led me to focus on the limitless potential of altered states of consciousness in the form of guided imagery and visualizations, nature connection, and - most recently - the psychedelic medicine Ketamine. These medicines have the power to change your life.

In my 20 years of practice, I have applied different psychotherapeutic models like parts theory/IFS, eco and forest therapy, mindfulness, semi-hypnotic tools and dreamwork, mainly with adults, couples and groups.

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