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Jayne Gumpel
Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy

Jayne Gumpel LCSW

People often ask me how long I have been a therapist and I laugh and say “since I was about three and figured out my family needed me to fill that role”.  Coming from a family of eight with six kids in six years my first job was the happiness officer and caregiver to my mom and as an advocate for my dad. And to be sure that we all felt loved. Well, that was a long time ago and I’ve learned a lot since then but one thing remains and that is my understanding that without deep loving connections, without the experience of being loved and loving, without a safe haven, we will not thrive. We will not develop into conscious, compassionate well-beings capable of managing life with equanimity, curiosity and a do no harm consciousness. On a global level if this is not central to life we will perish.

I am on an adventure and I want to take people with me. I crave sharing. When I learn something that helps me, guides me, opens me up to my own inner life and to deep wisdom and healing I want to share it. Meditation is my core practice for my own well being so I became a teacher!  Most recently (past 5 years) I have been exploring psychedelic medicines within the scientific and academic community and the profound impact these medicines have on human consciousness and well being. (I knew that in 1975)  and now I am privileged to be a part of the re-emergence of psychedelics in our health care systems. I am part of The Woodstock Therapy Center Ketamine Program (KAP) and in private practice with individuals and couples.

I am on an adventure and I want to meet you where you are. When you share yourself with me I listen with my heart open and I want to support your journey and to guide you towards your own inner wisdom and capacity to heal from the traumas and disappointments along the way. We all suffer. It is the narrative and meaning making that either heals us or hurts us, connects or disconnects us from self and others. Truth can be difficult to know and to speak. Resilience can be a gift from suffering. We can nurture that and be skillful in life without losing hope or heart. Change is possible!  I honor and support your own capacities to change the story and to be well. To take bold steps into a better self and a compassionate future.

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