Kristen Donigan


D.O. Integrative Medicine

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Kristen Donigan
D.O. Integrative Medicine

What I offer

I provide a form of somatic psychotherapy called NeuroAffective Relational Model, or NARM, to help you embody greater agency and authenticity. NARM is a unique and effective means of increasing connection, self-regulation and freedom from limiting patterns.

The term “somatic” does not refer to touch or body work, but rather an emphasis on your felt experience. NARM is a practice of slowing down, listening deeply and trusting the innate intelligence that guides you toward wholeness. This helps you integrate what you know intellectually into what you feel. Our focus is on the possibilities in the present, thus there is little need to rehash the past. We begin by clarifying your intention (what you most want for yourself), which organizes and orients our work together. Sessions are an opportunity to cultivate greater presence, connection and authenticity. The process, known as “facilitated self-inquiry”, invites unconscious patterns into awareness, opening opportunities for greater agency and meaningful change.

Who It’s For

Common reasons people seek my care include feeling stuck or overwhelmed, seeking meaning and purpose, difficulty in relationships, lacking self-confidence or self-compassion, difficulty managing stress, anxiety, depression, shame, grief, developmental/complex/relational trauma, and preparing for and processing psychedelic or mystical experiences. Given my background as a physician, I have a unique understanding of issues related to illness, caregiving, interfacing with the healthcare system as well as physical symptoms caused or exacerbated by stress, trauma, states of mind or mood.

NARM was specifically designed to resolve developmental (aka relational and complex trauma) with the understanding that trauma is part of the universal human experience. Also universal is our capacity to heal. We are resilient and resourceful. Our trauma is not the most interesting thing about us. NARM is strength-based, non-pathologizing and non-regressive. My work is about deepening your appreciation for what it means to be human and thus has wide application.

About Me

I am a licensed physician, board certified in Internal Medicine and NARM Master Practitioner. I practiced Primary Care for over ten years and have helped patients face realities of life and death. I’ve always approached my work holistically and relationally. I consider the therapeutic relationship to be an integral part of the healing process. My continued medical education has taken me down many paths including Functional and Integrative Medicine as well as Psychedelic Plant Medicine. My original interest in healthcare has remained my passion – the mind-body connection. As a physician interested in root causes, I find the role of neuro-regulation (the process by which our nervous system alters our physiology in response to our experiences) to be a powerful and often overlooked determinant of health and wellbeing. Most therapies that endeavor to impact neuro-regulation aim to change behavior. While behavior is important, focusing on behavior alone often falls short of deep and lasting change. NARM addresses the source of behavior (our state of being) to increase one’s capacity for balance and wellbeing. My work blends applied knowledge of physiology and psychology with philosophical and spiritual practices. While healthcare continues to fragment treatments into silos of sub-specialization, I enjoy bridging disciplines and translating complex concepts into relatable information.

About my practice

I work one-on-one with adults (18 years and older) both in-person and virtually via Zoom. I do not accept insurance. The fee is due at time of service. I can provide a “superbill” (receipt including billing and diagnostic coding) upon request. I start with a 15 minute “clarity call” to ensure we are a good fit. You can schedule a clarity call here: More information about me and my practice can be found on my personal website


Kristen Donigan, DO


Our team includes Psychiatric Nurse Practitioners, Psychologists, Psychotherapists, Mental Health and Substance Abuse Specialists and Holistic Practitioners. We proudly serve the communities of Ulster County, The Hudson Valley and the entire Catskill region.

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