Kristen Donigan


D.O. Integrative Medicine

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Kristen Donigan
D.O. Integrative Medicine
Integrative Medicine

I’m a board-certified physician with over a decade of experience blending conventional Internal Medicine with Functional, Integrative, Trauma-Informed, and Mind-Body approaches.

Having developed a unique, interdisciplinary approach, I no longer offer routine Primary Care, but rather support those seeking a more holistic perspective. I provide in-depth and individualized care by considering the whole you, in the unique context of your life.

I offer nuanced discussions of symptoms, results, and therapeutic strategies with the goal of awakening new insight and empowering my patients to make informed decisions. I may order laboratory tests and explain results in detail, as well as recommend medications, supplements, and lifestyle modifications discerningly.

I am most interested in how the nervous system translates life experience into physiology. Exploring how and why our physiologic state changes gives rise to self-knowledge, self-compassion and agency in our health and wellbeing.

Originally from Michigan, I spent 16 years in Chicago: 4 years in osteopathic medical school at Midwestern University, 3 years in allopathic Internal Medicine residency at Rush University Medical Center and nearly 10 years working in Primary Care while continuing my medical education in Functional, Integrative, Trauma-Informed and Mind-Body Approaches. Most recently, I enjoyed working at the Raby Institute at Northwestern, a multidisciplinary Integrative Medicine clinic in downtown Chicago.

I relocated to the Hudson Valley from Chicago in July 2020, to better align my life and vocation with my desire to live closer to the earth and tending garden and community with my partner Brian.

Practical considerations

·      I do not offer routine Primary Care or Urgent Care.

·      I do not accept insurance, but do provide receipts with billing and diagnostic codes for your records.

·      My fee is $175 per 30 minutes.

·      New patient visits are 90 minutes. Follow-up visits are most often 60 minutes.

·      I offer Zoom consultations and in-person visits.

·      Laboratory tests, if indicated, are performed and billed by Quest or Labcorp.

·      You can read more about my philosophy and journey at my personal website


·      Email:

·       Phone: 845-233-2277

·      Website:

Our team includes Psychiatric Nurse Practitioners, Psychologists, Psychotherapists, Mental Health and Substance Abuse Specialists and Holistic Practitioners. We proudly serve the communities of Ulster County, The Hudson Valley and the entire Catskill region.

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