Margaret Mary Cliggett Reynolds


M.A., M.S.Ed, L.M.H.C.

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Margaret Mary Cliggett Reynolds
M.A., M.S.Ed, L.M.H.C.
  • Body-Mind-Energy-Spirit
  • Mindfulness-Integrated Psychotherapy
  • Stress and Trauma Resiency
  • Expressive Arts in Therapy
  • Children Adults Families
  • Group Trainings Offered

When a person comes to therapy I see each as a potentially whole and balanced human being.  Together we identify the inner and outer conflicts calling for change and at the same time embrace what is positive and natural, the gifts and traits which can bring fulfillment.  In Mindfulness-Integrated Psychotherapy, we learn and practice skills for focusing on the present moment, thus becoming aware of old habits – the thoughts, emotional reactions, and behaviors which may have become automatic and stuck.  We expand the sense of freedom to make a different choice in any given moment.

In this therapy, a person can expect a climate of kindness, and the encouragement to accept where one is while longing for where one wishes to be.  The cultivation ofbeing, as well as doing is at the core of our work together.

Mindfulness-Integrated Psychotherapy includes practicing skills and having homework, both of which bring session work into daily life.

To this therapy I bring over twenty years of professional counseling experience as well as numerous specialized trainings in mind-body approaches for treating trauma, depression, anxiety, and creative blocks. With children as well as with adults I may use Play Therapy and the Expressive Arts. As a long-time teacher ofThe Pathwork, I also offer to people who are interested, a space in which to explore how personal life may interface with spiritual awareness.

Education includes an MA in Theatre, M.S. Ed in Mental Health Counseling, and advanced certifications in the Trauma Resiliency Model as well as in the clinical, well-researched Mindfulness-Based models for Stress Reduction (MBSR),Depression and Emotional Distress (MBCT), and for Addictive Behaviors (MBRP). Other trainings in Object Relations and interpersonal dynamics guide the process of our sessions together.  Certification in Positive Discipline Parenting supports session work with families.

Understanding and compassion have grown from my experience as a wife, mother, yoga practitioner, group leader, and writer. With my colleague Elizabeth M. Nielson, Ph.D. I founded which offers Mindfulness-Based group trainings as well as individual coaching.  I am grateful to my colleagues in theHome Within Children’s Psychotherapy Project where we work together to bring pro bono therapy to children and families in the foster care system.

Our team includes Psychiatric Nurse Practitioners, Psychologists, Psychotherapists, Mental Health and Substance Abuse Specialists and Holistic Practitioners. We proudly serve the communities of Ulster County, The Hudson Valley and the entire Catskill region.

15 Pine Grove St
Woodstock NY 12498