Monica Hoyt MSW


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Monica Hoyt MSW

Monica Hoyt, MSW, Interfaith Minister, Ordained Member of Thich
Nhat Hanh’s Core Community of Interbeing, Certified Yoga Master

Be present with me, in this moment, touch your inner core deeply,
the place of joy, calm, creativity and possibility.
I am here to be present with you to co-create a sacred therapeutic
space for us to hold what’s arising, and explore the best tools to
be with, transform and heal. Such tools include body-centered
awareness, conflict resolution, miracle of mindfulness, holistic
health practices, the expressive arts of painting, drawing and
writing, setting and accomplishing goals.
Since I have a professional background in the entertainment
business, training in expressive arts and spiritual matters, I have a
special skill set working with artists, actors, film makers,
musicians, spiritual aspirants, and all interested in cultivating
spirituality and creativity in their life. I have a passion for and have
studied extensively with non-dual awareness teachers such as
Eckhart Tolle and Rupert Spira, and am well versed in the ancient
teachings of the east.
When we have support, anything is possible.

I am accepting new clients.

Please call 917-597-5975 to schedule an appointment.

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